Best Android Apps in 2019

The market of mobile apps has been growing and developing over the past few years, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to all of the new technologies. Today we will look at the apps that have been at the forefront of the mobile market over the past year. We will look into some new dynamics, trends, expectations for 2020, and the best google apps.

The Dynamics of the Mobile Market in 2019

The mobile application market is growing rapidly and, according to forecasts of leading companies, growth will increase. There are more and more developers, companies, and the applications themselves. Competition is also growing among services with the same functions – someone takes on design, someone adds new features, and another one spins ads. Analysis of the mobile application market shows that by 2020, revenue from applications will reach $189 billion. 

What are the prospects? Studies by App Annie show that 46% of the world’s population have smartphones. This means that another 54% will acquire gadgets for which it will be necessary to install applications in the future. 

What Mobile Trends Were Popular in 2019?

Let’s now look at some mobile trends that were popular in 2019.

Dating apps

Some might think that the online dating industry has gone away and is no longer relevant, but these people would be very wrong in this assumption. The dating industry has been on a steady rise over the past few years, and it doesn’t seem like this trend is going to end any time soon. Thus, if you want to meet Russian girls for marriage, then this is a very good time to do so.

Blockchain apps

Recently, blockchain technology has been actively used by both mobile applications for Android, and such structures as banks, the government sector, and private companies.

Virtual reality

Pokemon Go may have been a temporary storm on our coast, but AR and VR are here to stay. By 2020, the company’s revenue is expected to exceed $ 200 billion, and developers are expected to create mobile applications related to Augmented (AR) and Virtual (VR) realities.

Cloud apps

By using cloud-based technologies, mobile app developers can ease the strain on the devices, thus, optimizing their work, reducing lag, and making it easier for a user to use an app. And it seems like cloud-based technologies won’t be going anywhere, as this trend is set to continue in the future.

Before we move on to the best Android phone apps, let’s find out what can we expect in 2020.

What to Expect in 2020?

We’ve gathered expert opinions of product managers and interface designers from many leading companies to find out how user interaction will change and what we should expect from the mobile market in the future.

Simplification, minimalism, conciseness

The simpler the interface is – the more intuitive it is. All experts call the simplification of interfaces or Zero UI the main trend of next year. Nothing should distract a user from the product. Functionality comes to the fore. More free space appears between the elements, colors become brighter and cleaner, simple geometry prevails over complex graphics and illustrations.

Voice interfaces

Remove your fingers from the screen. In 2020, we will interact with our phones by using voice commands. According to Udonis, now 2 out of 5 users regularly use voice commands. This is a promising trend, the development of which will lead to even more simplified interfaces.

Smart apps. Personalization

Applications will become better at knowing what you want. According to eMarketer, 35% of users want apps/sites to be more personalized. This allows you to display relevant products, services, content. Personalization has already been implemented in social networks, media, banking services, and online stores. 

Now let’s look into android’s 10 most exciting apps.

Most Popular Android Apps in 2019

Here are the most popular android apps of 2019.

1. AmoledWalls & Wallhub

Here are the first two must-have Android apps you should use. These apps will be useful to everyone who needs high-quality wallpapers. Both applications are created by one developer, the quality is quite high. The first has wallpapers for OLED displays and the second is for everyone else.

2. MNML Screen Recorder

Here’s the second entry on the list of the best Android apps of 2019. This is a great ad-free app for high-quality screen recording. We have to mention the excellent design in the style of Material 2.0.

3. Lawnchair and Hyperion Launcher

For the people who love third-party launchers, there are several interesting apps to choose from, Lawnchair and Hyperion Launcher. The first is similar to the Pixel launcher but offers additional functionality (custom icons, themes, grid size adjustment, signs, and much more). The second one supports font settings, access to applications using a fingerprint scanner, and detailed themes.

4. Fluid Navigation Gestures

Here’s one of the best Android apps of 2019. This application is probably the best for replacing familiar navigation with gestures. To hide the old navigation, you need Root rights, the application has instructions to unlock these rights using a PC.

5. PlayJ

Here’s the fifth entry on our list of the best new Android apps. With PlayJ, you can broadcast screen recordings to friends in various applications. This is an advanced analog of Skype for Android.

6. Reachability Cursor

The screens are becoming bigger and bigger every day, this application will help solve the problem of using a smartphone with one hand. The lower part is highlighted for cursor control, and the cursor itself is located in the upper part.

7. Bottom Quick Settings

The 7th place on our list of top 10 Android apps goes to Bottom Quick Settings. The location of quick settings in the upper area of ​​the screen is not very convenient due to the desire of manufacturers to extend the phones. The solution will be the Bottom Quick Settings application, it places quick settings in the lower area, similar to iOS.

8. Otter Voice Notes

In addition to being excellent voice notes, the main feature of Otter Voice Notes is the translation of speech into text in real-time.

9. Just a Line

Number 9 on the list of cool apps for Android goes to Just a Line. The application allows you to draw lines on the screen using augmented reality. You have to see it in action to understand the principle behind its work.

10. Iconzy

Here’s one of the top Android apps of 2019. You can download various icon packs. But what if you don’t like any of the icons? In this case, Iconzy will help select any icon from the installed ones with a specific application.

These were the best new applications for Android. Now you know the main trends, prospects of development, and apps of the mobile market, hopefully, 2020 will be just as rich in terms of innovative technologies as 2019 was.

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